The word Gat most likely refers to one of the below.

  • Gat (hat), a traditional article of Korean clothing composed of a cylindrical black hat with wide rims
  • Gat (landform), a deep, narrow water channel scoured by currents flowing back and forth
  • Gat (music), a composition set to a cyclic rhythm in instrumental North Indian classical music
  • GAT (Rap Group) A young aspiring rap group from Mattapoisett, Ma. members are Damen Hooper(Eazy-D), Sean Hardwick(DJ PussCat), and Lars Eklund(MC Night Elf
  • Gat, a slang term for a handgun or a machine pistol, derived from "Gatling gun", which can also refer to firearms more generally
  • Gat, an honorary title from the Philippines usually accorded to great men or leaders
  • gat, The ISO 639-3 code for the Kenati language
  • Gat gun, a slang name for the invasive weed kudzu
  • Khat, also known as gat, a plant that is chewed as a natural stimulant in the Near East and Africa
  • Gat, Iran, a village in Khuzestan Province, Iran
  • Gat, Israel, a kibbutz in modern Israel
  • Gat Rimon, a moshav in central Israel
  • Gát utca, a short quiet street off Haller utca in central Ferencváros, Budapest, Hungary
  • Gath (city), also known as Gat, an ancient Philistine city mentioned in the Bible
  • Fisherman’s Gat, a channel in the Thames Estuary
  • Kiryat Gat, a city in modern Israel
  • Veerse Gat, a sea channel between Walcheren and Noord-Beveland islands in Zeeland in the Netherlands
  • Hat, Azerbaijan, also known as Gat, a village under the control of the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
  • Gat, Croatia, a village near Belišće
  • Gat Pangil, a chieftain in the area now known as Laguna Province, Philippines
  • Gat Stires (1849-1933), a Major League Baseball right fielder
  • Azar Gat (born 1959), an Israeli researcher and author on military history
  • Eliahu Gat (1919–1987), an Israeli landscape painter
  • György Gát (born 1947), a Hungarian television director and producer

The acronym GAT can refer to:

  • GAT (aviation) General Air Traffic. All flights which are conducted in accordance with the rules and procedures of ICAO and/or the national civil aviation regulations and legislation.
  • GAT (jeans), a clothing company specializing in jeans and shirts
  • GAT automotive company, a company based in Estonia during the early 1960s to late 1980s
  • GAT-X series or Gressorial Armament Tactical, a term for a Mobile Suit Gundam SEED mobile fictional weapon
  • GAT-1, the GABA transporter 1, a human protein
  • General Achievement Test, a test taken by students in Victoria, Australia prior to completing their Victorian Certificate of Education
  • Gifted and Talented, a demographic in education
  • Global Academy of Technology, an engineering college in Bangalore, India
  • Great Ape Trust, an ape sanctuary in Des Moines, Iowa in the United States
  • Greek Air Transport, a Greek-flagged airline that operated domestic and international airline service from 1947 to 1951
  • Ground Armored Tank, a fictional vehicle from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars video game
  • Guidance Automation Toolkit, one of the pillars of the Microsoft "Software Factory" vision along with the DSLTools
  • 8GAT, the British Rail Class 460 electrical multiple unit built by Alstom from 2000
  • C7.GAT protein, a zinc finger protein based on the C7 protein

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