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Multiple-prism Beam Expanders
... Multiple-prism beam expanders usually deploy two to five prism to yield large one-dimensional beam expansion factors ... Initially multiple-prism grating configurations were introduced in narrow-linewidth liquid dye lasers but eventually were also adopted in gas, solid-state, and diode laser designs ... The generalized mathematical description of multiple-prism beam expanders, introduced by Duarte, is known as the multiple-prism dispersion theory ...
Multiple-prism Dispersion Theory - Further Applications
... In 1987 the multiple-prism angular dispersion theory was extended to provide explicit second order equations directly applicable to the design of ... The generalized multiple-prism dispersion theory is applicable to Amici prisms laser microscopy, narrow-linewidth tunable laser design, prismatic beam ...
Prism - Other Meanings
... PRISM (website), an educational portal website for Indiana teachers PRISM or Oregon Performance Reporting Information System, a state agency PRiSM or PRojects integrating Sustainable Methods, a ...
Truncated Tetrahedral Prism
... In geometry, a truncated tetrahedral prism is a convex uniform polychoron (four dimensional polytope) ... tetrahedra connected by 4 triangular prisms and 4 hexagonal prisms ... Alternative names Truncated-tetrahedral dyadic prism (Norman W ...

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    Neither can I do anything to please critics belonging to the good old school of “projected biography,” who examine an author’s work, which they do not understand, through the prism of his life, which they do not know.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)