Gastric-brooding Frog - Northern Gastric-brooding Frog (R. Vitellinus) - Physical Description

Physical Description

The Northern Gastric-brooding Frog was a much larger species than the Southern Gastric-brooding Frog. Males reached 50–53 mm (2.0–2.1 in) in length, and females 66–79 mm (2.6–3.1 in) in length. This species was also much darker in colour, usually pale brown, and like the Southern Gastric-brooding Frogs its skin was bumpy and had a slimy mucus coating. There were vivid yellow blotches on the abdomen and the underside of the arms and legs. The rest of the belly was white or grey in colour. The tympanum was hidden and the iris was dark brown. The body shape of the Northern Gastric Brooding Frog was very similar to the southern species.

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