Forensic Entomology and The Law

Forensic Entomology And The Law

Forensic entomology deals with the collection of arthropodic evidence and its application, and through a series of tests and previously set of rules, general admissibility of said evidence is determined. Ultimately, the admissibility of forensic evidence is left up to the judgement of the court. To provide a strong basis of admissibility for the evidence, accurate documentation is essential so that there is no room for speculation as to the authenticity of the evidence. Given that admissibility is granted, expert witnesses may be called to a courtroom to either support or refute the conclusions that are derived from the evidence.

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Andrew Delmar Hopkins
... self-taught, his scientific understanding of forest entomology was exceptional ... He proposed the Law of Bioclimatics and he also developed the Hopkins Notes and Records System, a system he brought into the federal government when he first came to work for the Division of Entomology in the late ... Hopkins’ research is one of the cornerstones of entomology on the North American continent and he is often referred to as the “father of North American forest entomology.” ...
Forensic Entomology And The Law - Current Research and Entomological Findings
... The vast majority of forensic entomological casework consists of establishing a very concrete timeline of the events involved in the crime scene ... The new set of data provided by forensic entomological casework undoubtedly provides a solid case for either the defense or the prosecution ... The use of DNA in forensic entomology is a growing area of research which will become more prevalent in cases as more research is done ...
List Of Schools And Organizations Related To Forensic Entomology - Conclusion
... The number of schools and organizations associated with forensic entomology is ever growing, making homicides and other manors of human deaths easier to help solve ... The ever growing numbers of Universities studying forensic entomology constantly contribute their research to forensic entomologists to help aid them in solving crimes ... The organizations worldwide promote the study of entomology by targeting younger individuals in hopes of further increasing the number of forensic entomologists ...
List Of Schools And Organizations Related To Forensic Entomology
... Forensic entomology is the study of insects related to humans ... There are three areas associated with forensic entomology urban entomology, stored products entomology, and mediocriminal entomology ... and organizations is not comprehensive due to the ever changing nature of forensic entomology ...

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