Folder may refer:

  • File folder, a kind of folder that holds loose paper.
  • Folder (computing), a virtual container within a digital file system, in which groups of files and other folders can be kept and organized
  • Folding machine, a machine used for folding paper
  • Folding bicycle, a bicycle which can be folded for compactness
  • Folder 5, a J-pop group formerly called Folder
  • Pole Folder, a producer of electronic music
  • Short Folder, a series of aeroplanes designed with folding wings for shipborne use (from 1913)

Other articles related to "folder, folders":

Stacks (Mac OS) - Criticism
... might not appeal to all users of Mac OS X Leopard The complete elimination of classic Dock folder list menus with hierarchical folder browsing, a ... Dock icons for "Folder" stacks that are often misleading because Stacks build icons from folder contents and do not allow for custom icons to be applied by the user ... For example, a user's Home folder shows the Applications folder (or if that does not exist in Home folder, the Desktop folder), while the Photos folder is just a "stack" of plain blue folders created by iPhoto ...
Special Folder
... On Microsoft Windows, a special folder is a folder which is presented to the user through an interface as an abstract concept, instead of an absolute folder path ... The synonymous term shell folder is sometimes used instead.) Special folders make it possible for any application to ask the operating system where an ...
Semantic Matching
... For example, applied to file systems it can identify that a folder labeled “car” is semantically equivalent to another folder “automobile” because they are synonyms in English ... For example, in case the folder “car” is under another folder “red” we can say that the meaning of the folder “car” is “red car” in this case ...
Microsoft Private Folder - Usage
... Microsoft Private Folder created a single folder on the user's desktop which, when opened for the first time, prompted the user to assign it a password ... Every subsequent time the folder was opened, the user had to re-enter the same password to gain access ... are not public, it is assumed that Private Folder used strong encryption with a key based solely on this password to secure the data contained in the ...