Flow Stress

Flow stress is defined as the instantaneous value of stress required to continue deforming the material - to keep the metal flowing. It is the yield strength of the metal as a function of strain, which can be expressed:

Yf = Ken
  • Yf = Flow stress, MPa
  • e = True strain
  • K = Strength Coefficient, MPa
  • n = Strain hardening exponent

Hence, Flow stress can also be defined as the stress required to sustain plastic deformation at a particular strain.

The flow stress is a function of plastic strain.

Flow stresses occur when a mass of flowing fluid induces a dynamic pressure on a conduit wall. The force of the fluid striking the wall acts as the load. This type of stress may be applied in an unsteady fashion when flow rates fluctuate. Water hammer is an example of a transient flow stress.

The following properties that have an effect on flow stress: chemical composition, purity, crystal structure, phase constitution, exit microstructure, grain size, and heat treatment.

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