Fixed Point Theorem

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Caristi Fixed-point Theorem
... In mathematics, the Caristi fixed-point theorem (also known as the Caristi–Kirk fixed-point theorem) generalizes the Banach fixed point theorem for maps of a complete metric space into itself ... Caristi's fixed-point theorem is a variation of the ε-variational principle of Ekeland (1974, 1979) ... Moreover, the conclusion of Caristi's theorem is equivalent to metric completeness, as proved by Weston (1977) ...
Governing Dynamics - Proof of Existence - Proof Using The Kakutani Fixed Point Theorem
... Nash's original proof (in his thesis) used Brouwer's fixed point theorem (e.g ... We give a simpler proof via the Kakutani fixed point theorem, following Nash's 1950 paper (he credits David Gale with the observation that such a simplification is possible) ... The existence of a Nash Equilibrium is equivalent to having a fixed point ...
List Of Theorems - B
... BEST theorem (graph theory) Babuška–Lax–Milgram theorem (partial differential equations) Baily–Borel theorem (algebraic geometry) Baire category theorem (topology, metric spaces ...

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