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Fire Safe Cigarette
... Fire safe cigarettes (abbreviated "FSC" also known as Lower Ignition Propensity, Reduced Fire Risk, self-extinguishing, fire-safe or Reduced Ignition ... States, "FSC" above the barcode signifies that the cigarettes sold are Fire Standards Compliant (FSC) ... Fire safe cigarettes are produced by adding two bands of the FSC chemical to the cigarette paper during manufacture in order to slow the burn rate at the bands ...
Fire Safe Councils - How To Start A Fire Safe Council
... Local fire safe councils (FSCs) are spread throughout California and Nevada ... This article is about how to form a local fire safe council in California ... For information on forming a local FSC in Nevada, see the Nevada Fire Safe Council ...
The California Fire Safe Council, Inc. (CFSCI): An Independent Corporation - Comparison With The Nevada Fire Safe Council - Similarities
... The California Fire Safe Council, Inc ... (CFSCI) and the Fire Safe Council (NVFSC) are both 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations ... Like local fire safe councils in California, the NVFSC is eligible to receive Federal funding through the Grants Clearinghouse ...
How To Start A Fire Safe Council - Network With Other Fire Safe Councils - Fire Safe Communities Association
... Become a participating organization in the Fire Safe Communities Association (FSCA) by submitting the name of your organization using the Contact form on the FSCA web site ... tab to ask questions, offer tips, and/or engage in discussions with other grassroots fire safe organizations ...
The California Fire Safe Council: Initially An Inclusive Coalition - A Need Develops: Prior To 1993
... In the early 1990s, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF or CAL FIRE) was facing increasing costs for wildfire suppression due to the influx of people building ... Now during a wildland fire, more and more CDF firefighting resources had to be used to defend homes and lives, which meant that it was taking increased time and resources to get fires under control ... Also, since over 90% of fires are started by human activity, the number of fires was increasing due to the increased population ...

Famous quotes containing the words safe and/or fire:

    We fight our way through the massed and leveled collective safe taste of the Top 40, just looking for a little something we can call our own. But when we find it and jam the radio to hear it again it isn’t just ours—it is a link to thousands of others who are sharing it with us. As a matter of a single song this might mean very little; as culture, as a way of life, you can’t beat it.
    Greil Marcus (b. 1945)

    Over Sir John’s hill,
    The hawk on fire hangs still;
    In a hoisted cloud, at drop of dusk, he pulls to his claws
    And gallows, up the rays of his eyes the small birds of the bay....
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)