• (adj): Recorded on film; made into a movie.
    Example: "A filmed documentary"; "the filmed version of the novel"

Some articles on filmed:

Fun Song Factory
... It was one of the first songs-based shows to be filmed in front of a live audience of children (following on from BBC Scotland/Scottish Television's 'Singing ... The first production was a sell through video filmed at the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon, presented by Iain Lauchlan, Sarah Davison and Dave Benson Phillips ... The video was a great success, and led to a second being filmed at Chicken Shed in North London, this time presented by Iain, Dave and Michele Durler ...
Koeputkiaikuinen Ja Simon Enkelit
... for his movies throughout the 1970s, the film is only his second feature to be filmed entirely in colour (also his third film over-all to be filmed in colour) ... Leikkikalugangsteri was filmed principally in black and white with the film's ending being in colour, while Pohjantähteet (released the same year) was the first Spede film to be ...
Mean Machine (film) - Production
... Mean Machine was filmed from April to June 2001 ... Most of the prison scenes were filmed at HM Prison Oxford, and the match was filmed at The Warren, the former home ground of Yeading ...
Street Fighter (film) - Production
... Street Fighter was filmed mostly in Queensland, Australia along the famous Gold Coast during the spring and summer months of 1994 with most of the interiors and exteriors filmed on ... Some exterior scenes were filmed in Bangkok, Thailand which were used as the backdrop for the fictitious Shadaloo City ...
House (TV series) - Production - Filming Style and Locations
... House is often filmed using the "walk and talk" filming technique, popularized on television by series such as St ... The pilot episode was filmed in Canada primary photography for all subsequent episodes has been shot on the Fox lot in Century City ... Part of House's sixth season was filmed at the abandoned Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, as the fictional Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital ...

Famous quotes containing the word filmed:

    An art whose limits depend on a moving image, mass audience, and industrial production is bound to differ from an art whose limits depend on language, a limited audience, and individual creation. In short, the filmed novel, in spite of certain resemblances, will inevitably become a different artistic entity from the novel on which it is based.
    George Bluestone, U.S. educator, critic. “The Limits of the Novel and the Limits of the Film,” Novels Into Film, Johns Hopkins Press (1957)

    Again and again, I struggled though the storm. Once I fainted—and it wasn’t in the script. I was hauled to the studio on a sled, thawed out with hot tea, and then brought back to the blizzard, where the others were waiting. We filmed all day and all night, stopping only to eat standing near a bonfire. We never went inside.... The blizzard never slackened.
    Lillian Gish (1896–1993)