Ferdinand II

Ferdinand II is the name of:

  • Ferdinand II of León (1132–1188), king from 1157
  • Fernando II, Duke of Braganza, also known as Ferdinand II (1430–e.1483)
  • Ferdinand II of Aragon, the Catholic (1452–1516), king of Aragon from 1479, of Sicily from 1468, also known as Ferdinand V of Castile (1474–1504) and Ferdinand III of Naples (1504–1516)
  • Ferdinand II of Naples, also known as Ferrandino (1469–1496), king from 1495
  • Ferdinand II of Austria, archduke, Regent of Tyrol and Further Austria, 1529–1595, ruled from 1564
  • Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor, also known as Ferdinand II of Germany (1578–1637), emperor from 1619
  • Ferdinando II de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, also known as Ferdinand II de Medici (1610–1670), Grand Duke of Tuscany from 1620
  • Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies (1810–1859), king from 1830
  • Ferdinand II of Portugal (1816–1885), king 1837–1853

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Battle Of Lobregal
1160 Fernando had been forced into exile at the court of Ferdinand II of León ... control of Alfonso VIII from the Lara, but it did strengthen their position at the court of Ferdinand II of León, to which they had fled ... court by at least September, but they did not confirm Ferdinand II's only charter issued in November that year ...
The 30 Years War - Swedish Intervention (1630–1635)
... Some within Ferdinand II's court did not trust Wallenstein, believing that he sought to join forces with the German Princes and thus gain influence over the Emperor ... Ferdinand II dismissed Wallenstein in 1630 ... He was later to recall him, after the Swedes, led by King Gustaf II Adolf (Gustavus Adolphus), had successfully invaded the Holy Roman Empire and turned the tables on the Catholics ...
Prince Ferfried Of Hohenzollern - Ancestry
... Ferdinand II of Portugal 9 ... Maria II of Portugal 2 ... Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies 10 ...
Columbus Letter On The First Voyage - History of The Letter - Settling The Claims
... Columbus was probably correct to send the letter from Lisbon, for shortly after, King John II of Portugal indeed began to outfit a fleet to seize the discovered islands for the Kingdom of Portugal ... Ferdinand II dispatched his own emissary, Lope de Herrera, to Lisbon to request the Portuguese to immediately suspend any expeditions to the west Indies until ... Even before Herrera arrived John II had sent his own emissary, Ruy de Sande, to the Spanish court, reminding the Spanish monarchs that their sailors were not allowed to sail below Canaries latitude, and ...
Ferdinand II, Archduke Of Austria - Ancestors
... Ancestors of Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria 16 ... Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor 20 ... John II of Aragon 10 ...

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    I fairly confess that, acting as nature and simplicity dictated, no sooner did I see the once loved bosom of my Ferdinand free from those deformed demons which had crept in and filled up the vacant space, than beholding my natural home once more the seat of innocence and truth, my heart joyfully danced into its delightful abode.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)