Ferdinand is a Germanic name composed of the elements frith "protection" (or alternatively farð "journey, travel"), and nanth "courage".

The name was adopted in Romance languages from its use in the Visigothic Kingdom. It is reconstructed as either Gothic Ferdinanths or Frithunanths. It became popular in German-speaking Europe only from the 16th century, with Habsburg rule over Spain. Variants of the name include Fernán, Fernando, Hernando, and Hernán in Spanish, Ferran in Catalan, and Fernando and Fernão in Portuguese. The French forms are Ferrand, Fernand, and Fernandel, and it is Ferdinando and Fernando in Italian.

There are numerous hypocorisms or short forms in many languages, such as Finnish version is Veeti.

There is a feminine Spanish and Portuguese form, Fernanda.

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Famous quotes containing the word ferdinand:

    I fairly confess that, acting as nature and simplicity dictated, no sooner did I see the once loved bosom of my Ferdinand free from those deformed demons which had crept in and filled up the vacant space, than beholding my natural home once more the seat of innocence and truth, my heart joyfully danced into its delightful abode.
    Sarah Fielding (1710–1768)