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Series Of 1928 (United States Currency) - Federal Reserve Notes - Design Changes
... $100 and Series of 1928 for the large denominations reflected a change in the Federal Reserve Seal to contain a letter instead of a number ... This series of notes saw very low printing figures, as only certain districts issued notes. 1928D, also the result of a signature change, included only fives, and all notes were issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta ...
Federal Reserve Bank Note
... Federal Reserve Bank Notes, issued until 1971, are banknotes that are legal tender in the United States, together with United States Notes, Silver Certificates, Gold ... They had the same value as other kinds of notes of similar face value ... Federal Reserve Bank Notes differ from Federal Reserve Notes in that they are backed by one of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks, rather than by all collectively, in ...
Tax Protester Conspiracy Arguments - Arguments About Money
... Some protesters have argued that Federal Reserve notes (better known as dollar bills) are not actually money, because the Constitution only permits the government to "coi ... has exercised this power by delegation to the federal reserve system ... Federal reserve notes are legal tender for all debts, including taxes ...
Seal Of The United States Department Of The Treasury - Seal - Currency
... paper currency, starting with the Legal Tender Notes (United States Notes) in 1862 and continuing today ... The only exceptions were the Demand Notes of 1861 (the original "greenbacks") and the first three issues of fractional (less than a dollar) notes in the 1860s in both ... separating the bills, this processing included the overprinting of the seal onto the notes (even today, the serial number and seal are overprinted on the notes after ...

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