• (adj): Of a fire; being out or having grown cold.
    Example: "Threw his extinct cigarette into the stream"
    Synonyms: out
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Some articles on extinct:

Alston Baronets
... Both creations are extinct ... The title became extinct on the death of the sixth Baronet in 1791 ... The title became extinct on the death of the eighth Baronet in 1819 ...
Mammals Of Europe
... This checklist does not include species found only in captivity or extinct in Europe, except where there is some doubt about this ... IUCN Red List of Threatened Species EX - Extinct, EW - Extinct in the Wild CR - Critically Endangered, EN - Endangered, VU - Vulnerable NT - Near Threatened, LC - Least ...
Baksiganj Upazila - Data
... Extinct or nearly extinct crops Linseed, sesame, kaun, corn and peanut ... These means of transport are either extinct or nearly extinct ...
Anderson Baronets
... All creations are extinct ... The title became extinct on his death in 1630 ... The title became extinct on the death of the second Baronet in 1699 ...
List Of Extinct Animals Of Africa
... The list of extinct animals in Africa features the animals that have become extinct on the African continent and its islands, like Madagascar, Mauritius, Rodrigues, RĂ©union, Seychelles, Saint Helena ...

More definitions of "extinct":

  • (adj): No longer in existence; lost or especially having died out leaving no living representatives.
    Example: "An extinct species of fish"; "an extinct royal family"; "extinct laws and customs"
    Synonyms: nonextant
  • (adj): Of e.g. volcanos; permanently inactive.
    Example: "An extinct volcano"
    Synonyms: inactive

Famous quotes containing the word extinct:

    One realises, with horror, that the race of men is almost extinct in Europe. Only Christ-like heroes and woman-worshipping Don Juans, and rabid equality-mongrels. The old, hardy, indomitable male is gone.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)