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Tasmanian Masked Owl - Status and Conservation - Lord Howe Island
1930 almost 100 Masked Owls, mostly from Tasmania, were introduced to Lord Howe Island in an unsuccessful attempt to control Black Rats ... The population there is considered to be a threat to the endemic Lord Howe Woodhen and Lord Howe Currawong, as well as to breeding seabirds, and is culled when possible ...
Lord Howe Island - Flora and Fauna - Conservation - Feral Animals and Plants
... The first round of extinctions included the Lord Howe Swamphen or White Gallinule, White-throated Pigeon, Red-crowned Parakeet and the Tasman Booby, which were ... Vinous-tinted Thrush, Robust White-eye, Lord Howe Starling, Lord Howe Fantail and the Lord Howe Gerygone as well as the destruction of the native phasmid ... The Lord Howe Boobook may have become extinct through predation by, or competition with, the Tasmanian Masked Owls which were introduced in the 1920s in a failed attempt to control the rat population ...
Lord Howe Pigeon
... The Lord Howe Pigeon (sometimes White-throated Pigeon), Columba vitiensis godmanae, was a subspecies of the Metallic Pigeon which existed on Lord ...
Lord Howe Pigeon - Records
... Lord Howe Island was discovered in 1788 ... Parties from his ship collected many birds from the island, including many Lord Howe Pigeons, which they subsequently ate ... Raper had never personally travelled to Lord Howe Island, but may have seen specimens of the Pigeon caught there and taken about the Sirius or another ship ...
List Of Birds Of Australia - Non-passerines - Rails, Crakes, and Coots
... porphyrio White Gallinule Porphyrio albus extinct, Lord Howe Island Chestnut Rail Eulabeornis castaneoventris Red-necked Crake Rallina tricolor Red-legged Crake Rallina ...

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