Exposure Time

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Bias Frame
... a bias frame is an image obtained from an opto-electronic image sensor, with no actual exposure time ... to a dark frame, which has a charge integration time but in darkness ... to the bias frame, and some of which is due to dark current and is proportional to the exposure time, it is possible to obtain an image representing only the dark-current ...
1900s (decade) - Technology
... By the time Edison introduced his new alkaline battery, the gasoline powered car had so improved that electric vehicles were becoming increasingly less common, being used mainly as ... This instrument used a clockwork mechanism for the paper-rolling and time-marker movements and it produced ink recordings of physiological functions that were ... At the time he was living in Red Bluff, California ...
Shutter (photography) - Camera Shutter
... simply a lens cap that is removed and replaced for the long exposures required, were used in the early days of photography ... curtains have been used anything which exposes the film to light for a specified time will suffice ... The time for which a shutter remains open (exposure time, often called "shutter speed") is determined by a timing mechanism ...
Dose-response Relationship
... The dose–response relationship, or exposure–response relationship, describes the change in effect on an organism caused by differing levels of exposure (or doses) to a stressor (usually ... how many people or organisms are affected at different levels of exposure) ... Dose–response relationships generally depend on the exposure time and exposure route (e.g ...
Camera - Mechanics - Shutters - Complexities
... A blind inside the camera covers the film prior to and after the exposure (but is not designed to be able to give accurately controlled exposure times) and a leaf shutter that ... Using a focal-plane shutter, exposing the whole film plane can take much longer than the exposure time ... The exposure time does not depend on the time taken to make the exposure over all, only on the difference between the time a specific point on the film is uncovered and then covered up again ...

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