Ethanol Content

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Common Ethanol Fuel Mixtures - E70, E75
... E70 contains 70% ethanol and 30% gasoline, while E75 contains 75% ethanol ... The seasonal reduction of the ethanol content to an E85 winter blend is mandated to avoid cold starting problems at low temperatures ... In the US, this seasonal reduction of the ethanol content to E70 applies only in cold regions, where temperatures fall below 32 °F (0 °C) during the winter ...
Chemical Derivatives Of Ethanol - Uses - Alcoholic Beverages
... Main article Alcoholic beverage Ethanol is the principal psychoactive constituent in alcoholic beverages, with depressant effects on the central nervous system ... Ethanol is metabolized by the body as an energy-providing nutrient, as it metabolizes into acetyl CoA, an intermediate common with glucose and fatty acid metabolism that can be used for energy in the ... Alcoholic beverages vary considerably in ethanol content and in foodstuffs they are produced from ...

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