Estimates of The Palestinian Refugee Flight of 1948

This article lists the various interim and final United Nations estimates for the number of Palestinian people who fled or were expelled from the area that became part of the State of Israel after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. It also provides other interim and final estimates for the number of Palestinian refugees for that period.

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Estimates Of The Palestinian Refugee Flight Of 1948 - Other Estimates of Flight or Refugees - Interim
... 200,000+ by May, 1948 according to Joseph E ... Katz on 250,000 by May, 1948 according to 300,000 by May, 1948 according to Noam Chomsky pp. 85, 96 500,000 by June, 1948 according to Salman Abu-Sitta (From Refugees to Citizen at Home Al Naqba Anatomy ) ...

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