English Verbs

English Verbs

Verbs constitute one of the main word classes in the English language. Like other types of words in the language, English verbs are not strongly inflected – generally the only inflected forms are a third-person singular simple present in -s, a simple past form, a past participle, and a present participle and gerund form in -ing. Most verbs inflect in a simple regular fashion, although there are a few hundred irregular verbs, mostly with irregular simple past and past participle forms. The copula verb be has a larger number of different inflected forms, and is highly irregular.

The majority of tenses, aspects, moods and voices are expressed periphrastically, using constructions with auxiliary verbs and modal verbs.

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    He crafted his writing and loved listening to those tiny explosions when the active brutality of verbs in revolution raced into sweet established nouns to send marching across the page a newly commissioned army of words-on-maneuvers, all decorated in loops, frets, and arrowlike flourishes.
    Alexander Theroux (b. 1940)

    To write or even speak English is not a science but an art. There are no reliable words.... Whoever writes English is involved in a struggle that never lets up even for a sentence. He is struggling against vagueness, against obscurity, against the lure of the decorative adjective, against the encroachment of Latin and Greek, and, above all, against the worn-out phrases and dead metaphors with which the language is cluttered up.
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