Endowment Ceremony

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Criticism Of Mormonism - Criticism Regarding Temples - Endowment Ceremony
... Tanner allege that Joseph Smith copied parts of the Mormon temple endowment ceremony from Masonic rituals (such as secret handshakes, clothing, and passwords), and that this ... also point to the fact that Joseph Smith was himself a Freemason prior to introducing the endowment rituals into Mormonism ... The Tanners criticize the church's revision of the temple endowment ceremony over the years, saying that revisions were made to obscure provocative practices of the early church ...
Temple Garment - Garment Origins and Evolution - Garment Markings
... the cloth as part of the original Nauvoo Endowment ceremony ... McKay offered an updated description that was later incorporated into the church's endowment ceremony ...
Priesthood (Latter Day Saints) - Calling and Ordination - The Gift of The Priesthood and Ordination To A Particular Priesthood Office - Gift of The Priesthood Through The Endowment Ceremony
... that priesthood may be conferred as part of an ordination ceremony, some feminist Mormons understand the Endowment ceremony to be an endowment of priesthood power ... In the washing and anointing portion of the Endowment ceremony, men are washed and anointed (by men) "to become kings and priests", while women are washed and anointed (by women) "to become queens and priestesses" ... Later in the ceremony, both men and women are clothed in the "robes of the priesthood" and "prepared to officiate in the ordinances of" the Aaronic and Melchizedek ...
Oath Of Vengeance - Eyewitness Accounts
... known only as "Mrs G.H.R." attended an Endowment ceremony in September 1879 in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory ... She provided the information for a Salt Lake Tribune article detailing the Endowment ceremony ... into question due to rumors of oaths taken during the Endowment ceremony ...

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    Friends, both the imaginary ones you build for yourself out of phrases taken from a living writer, or real ones from college, and relatives, despite all the waste of ceremony and fakery and the fact that out of an hour of conversation you may have only five minutes in which the old entente reappears, are the only real means for foreign ideas to enter your brain.
    Nicholson Baker (b. 1957)

    The parent must not give in to his desire to try to create the child he would like to have, but rather help the child to develop—in his own good time—to the fullest, into what he wishes to be and can be, in line with his natural endowment and as the consequence of his unique life in history.
    Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)