Emperor Wu

Emperor Wu (武帝, Wudi) may refer to a number of Chinese emperors:

  • Emperor Wu of Han (156 BC–87 BC), emperor of the Han dynasty
  • Emperor Wu of Wei (155–220), a posthumous name of Cao Cao
  • Emperor Wu of Jin (236-290)
  • Emperor Wu of Liu Song (363–422)
  • Emperor Wu of Liang (464-549)
  • Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou (543–578)
  • Empress Wu Zetian,"Emperor Wu"(625-705)

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... Predecessor Reign Comments Wang Mang Ruzi Ying 9–23 Cao Pi Emperor Xian of Han 220–226 Emperor Wu of Jìn Cao Huan 265–290 Huan Xuan Emperor An of Jin 404 Emperor Wu of Liu Song Emperor ...
Luan Da - Career - Fall From Power and Death
... after his elevation, Luan Da had forgotten the emperor's request for an audience with the immortals ... Emperor Wu, anxious to achieve immortality, sent an envoy to remind his court mystic of his task ... Luan Da attempted to delay, but eventually realised he had to appease the emperor and allay his suspicions ...
Li Ling (Han Dynasty) - Life After Defection
... Emperor Wu ordered a major counteroffensive in three columns against Xiongnu, with Li Guangli leading 70,000 men, Shang Qiucheng (商丘成) leading 30,000 and Mang Tong (莽通) leading 40 ... the surrender of the detained Han ambassador Su Wu, as Li and Su used to be co-workers and good friends ... Initially Li Ling was too ashamed to visit Su Wu, as he defected merely the year after Su's exile to Lake Baikal ...
Buddhist Legends About Emperor Wu Of Liang
... During his reign as emperor of China, Emperor Wu of Liang (r ... Later writers who saw Emperor Wu's reign as a golden age of Chinese Buddhism compiled stories on the emperor's role in creating or sponsoring important Buddhist institutions or rituals ... A cycle of stories developed around Bao Zhi, the emperor's favorite monk, and around Bodhidharma, the first patriarch of Zen Buddhism, who was alleged ...

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