Emerging Markets

Emerging markets or emerging economies are nations with social or business activity in the process of rapid growth and industrialization. The economies of China and India are considered to be the largest. According to The Economist many people find the term outdated, but no new term has yet to gain much traction. Emerging market hedge fund capital reached a record new level in the first quarter of 2011 of $121 billion. The seven largest emerging and developing economies by either nominal GDP or GDP (PPP) are China, Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico, Indonesia, and Turkey.

The ASEAN–China Free Trade Area, launched on January 1, 2010, is the largest regional emerging market in the world.

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Robert P. Smith
... Smith, as he is known in among those who trade the debt of emerging market countries, is one of four people who "...significantly contributed to the birth of the debt market, and possibly even the ... These four individuals were pioneers in trading emerging market debt (EMD) ... details his more than 30 years' experience in emerging markets ...
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