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Labour Congress Of Thailand
... (LCT) is a trade union federation in Thailand which emerged following the fall of the military dictatorship in Thailand in 1973 ... coup of 1976 the LCT was forced to cease operations, but re-emerged at the end of 1977 ... During the early 1980s factional differences emerged in the LCT, chiefly over the federation's relationship to political parties and the military ...
Saro (Nigeria) - Saros - Life in Lagos and Abeokuta
... The town later emerged as major economic base nurtured by immigration from nearby ethnic groups led by the Ijebus, then the Ijaws, the Binis, and the Egbas ... The Saros also emerged as a dominant commercial group in Lagos ... Nigerian traders in Kola, a cash crop that later emerged as a viable and important export commodity for the Western region in the early twentieth century ...
Aginter Press - 1969 Piazza Fontana Bombing
... "In these investigations data has emerged which confirmed the links between Aginter Press, Ordine Nuovo and Avanguardia Nazionale.. ... It has emerged that Guido Giannettini had contacts with Guérin-Sérac in Portugal ever since 1964 ... It has emerged that instructors of Aginter Press ...
Licia Troisi
... entitled Cronache del mondo emerso (Chronicles of the Emerged World) ... Later, she embarked on a second trilogy, Le guerre del mondo emerso (Wars of the Emerged World) and Le leggende del Mondo Emerso (Legends of the Emerged World) ...
Polish YMCA
... Polish YMCA emerged in 1923 after it as American YMCA members they have left independent Poland (with army of Polish General Józef Haller they arrived, after World War I) ... well as stockpiling of property- solid headquarters of organization emerged in Kraków, Łódź, Warsaw and Gdynia ... Then Polish YMCA focal points emerged on emigration (for example, in London) as well as at Polish squads military combat at flank other Allies ...

Famous quotes containing the word emerged:

    According to U.S. strategy, if you never see the other, his destruction will be more acceptable ... so that when Iraqi soldiers surrendered, sooner than expected, it was as if they emerged from a dream, a flash-back, a lost epoch—an epoch when the enemy still had a body and was still “like us.”
    Serge Daney (1944–1992)

    Those who have been immersed in the tragedy of massive death during wartime, and who have faced it squarely, never allowing their senses and feelings to become numbed and indifferent, have emerged from their experiences with growth and humanness greater than that achieved through almost any other means.
    Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (b. 1926)