Elizabeth Webber - Storylines - 2006–08


In 2006, Lucky becomes addicted to painkillers and has an affair with Maxie Jones, his pill supplier. Elizabeth discovers Lucky's infidelity and seeks comfort in Jason. Also feeling betrayed by ex-girlfriend Sam McCall, Jason has sex with Elizabeth, who discovers she is pregnant. Lucky believes the baby is his and goes to rehab, meanwhile he and Elizabeth divorce. A paternity test reveals that Jason is the father, but Elizabeth keeps it a secret, fearing Jason's dangerous lifestyle and that Lucky could relapse. After Lucky completes rehab, they reconcile and remarry. However, Elizabeth still keeps the secret, even committing perjury months later at Jason's trial for the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar. In May 2007, Elizabeth gives birth to Jacob Spencer. Soon after, Sam witnesses Jake get kidnapped but lets it happen. Jason eventually finds Jake and brings him home. Elizabeth and Lucky's relationship falls apart again and they divorce. During the Black and White Ball in November, Lucky discovers the truth about Jake but agrees to keep the secret to protect him. After Emily Quartermaine's death, Jason and Elizabeth begin a secret relationship. They briefly become engaged, but when Michael Corinthos is shot later that day, Jason decides his life is too dangerous and ends things.

In November 2008, a mob war erupts and Lucky asks Jason to send the boys, Elizabeth and Sam to hide in a cabin. Sam and Elizabeth must kill Russian mobsters to protect each other and the boys, and Jake is kidnapped again in the process. Jason and Sam find Jake and bring him home. In early 2009, Elizabeth is poisoned by an airborne biotoxin at the hospital and Lucky helps her through the crisis. When Lucky begins dating Rebecca Shaw, Nikolas kisses Elizabeth to make them jealous. This prompts Lucky to reconcile with Elizabeth, however Elizabeth finds herself attracted to Nikolas. When Lucky proposes, Elizabeth goes to see Nikolas and they end up sleeping together. Elizabeth goes home and accepts Lucky's proposal. However, Elizabeth and Nikolas continue to have an affair, despite their attempts to stop.

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