Egyptian Expeditionary Force

The Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) was formed on 10 March 1916 under the command of General A. J. Murray from the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, and the Force in Egypt which both ceased to exist during fighting in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I. The EEF was formed in the British Empire protectorate of the Sultanate of Egypt with duties, to guard the Suez Canal and Egypt, and provide reinforcements for the Western Front. Subsequently the EEF fought the Sinai and Palestine Campaign and the Senussi Campaign.

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Sinai And Palestine Campaign - Spring 1918 Operations - Reorganisation of The Egyptian Expeditionary Force
... requested Japanese soldiers to reinforce the Egyptian Expeditionary Force and reacted in mid-June to the War Office's plan to recall the Australian Mounted Division and the only all-British 54th ... Both these divisions remained in Allenby's force ... Nevertheless the strength of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force was maintained seven full infantry divisions remained in Palestine and mounted formations were increased to four mounted divisions including ...
Egyptian Expeditionary Force Order of Battle 1918 - Order of Battle 19 September
4.5-inch hows.) Hong Kong and Singapore Mountain Battery "Watson's Force" (holding centre of XX Corps' Front Corps Cavalry Regiment (1/1 Worcester Yeomanry) Pioneer Battalions (2/155th and 1/155th) of 10th and 53rd ... Chaytor's Force (Major General E.W.C ...
Sinai And Palestine Campaign
... British Empire, German Empire and Ottoman Empire forces from 26 January 1915 to 31 October 1918, when the Armistice of Mudros was signed between the Ottoman Empire and ... On 26 January 1915, an Ottoman force invaded the Sultanate of Egypt, a British protectorate, and unsuccessfully attempted to interrupt the vital supply line running through the ... the 52nd (Lowland) Division, subsequently pursued the retreating German and Ottoman force back across the northern Sinai, to Bir el Abd where the mounted division attacked a substantial Ottoman rearguard ...
Sinai And Palestine Campaign - Preparations For Northern Palestine Campaign - Morale
... and empire colonies and dominions from the Egyptian Expeditionary Force was, except on the smallest scale, impossible while leave to Egypt to Cairo and Alexandria was fairly freely given ... Comforts and small pleasures were not as well provided for to the Egyptian Expeditionary Force as those provided to the British Expeditionary Force in Europe ... While the state of morale in the Egyptian Expeditionary Force may have been better than the British Expeditionary Force before the German Spring Offensive in France ...

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