Edelstein (meaning "gemstone") is a predominantly Jewish surname of Germanic origin, and may refer to:

  • David Edelstein
  • Gordon Edelstein
  • Jakob Edelstein, the first Judenältester (Jewish Elder) in the Theresienstadt ghetto
  • Joseph Edelstein, b. Dec. 10, 1858 - d. Sep. 24, 1940, Manhattan, New York County, New York, USA - Yiddish Theater Theatrical Manager and Theater Owner and Director.
  • Pauline Edelstein, b. Feb. 10, 1866, Iasi, Romania - d. Sep. 27, 1942, Manhattan, New York - A Yiddish Theatre actress and wife of Joseph Edelstein.
  • Lisa Edelstein
  • Ludwig Edelstein
  • Morris Michael Edelstein
  • Yoel Edelstein
  • William A. Edelstein
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... a cult following in both Brazil and Argentina, and seen by Edelstein as a new instrument of composition ... Created by Edelstein in 1997, as a working group of research, creation and independent music production, it was conceived as a musical lab composed of musicians, composers, artists and ... Edelstein worked with systems of traditional notation combined with new and 3-dimensional models that he created ...
Michael Edelstein
... Michael Edelstein(born February 20, 1968 in Los Angeles, California) is an American television producer ... Together with Marc Cherry and Tom Spezialy, Edelstein was one of the original executive producers for Desperate Housewives, for which he was awarded an Emmy nomination ... conflicts with series creator Cherry during the second season of the series, Edelstein left the series in January 2006 ...
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... David Norton Edelstein (February 16, 1910 – August 19, 2000) was a United States federal judge ... Born in New York, New York, Edelstein received a B.S ... On November 1, 1951, Edelstein received a recess appointment from President Harry S ...
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... Edelstein was born to a Jewish family in Boston, Massachusetts, the daughter of Alvin and Bonnie Edelstein ... At 16, Edelstein was a cheerleader for Donald Trump's New Jersey Generals ... Edelstein soon encountered trouble when she organized a protest, because the team was forcing the cheerleaders to go and stand in bars while wearing their uniforms ...