Eccentricity or eccentric may refer to:

  • Off-center
  • Eccentricity (behavior), odd behavior on the part of a person, as opposed to being "normal"
  • Eccentricity (graph theory) of a vertex in a graph
  • Eccentricity (mathematics), a parameter associated with every conic section
  • Eccentric (mechanism), a wheel that rotates on an axle that is displaced from the focus of the circle described by the wheel
  • Eccentricity vector
  • Horizontal eccentricity, in vision, degrees of visual angle from the center of the eye
  • Orbital eccentricity, in astrodynamics, calculated from orbital state vectors as an absolute value of eccentricity vector or using other methods based on orbital energy and angular momentum
  • Eccentric anomaly, the angle between the direction of periapsis and the current position of an object on its orbit
  • Eccentric Club, a London gentlemen's club
  • Eccentric contraction, the lengthening of muscle fibers
  • Eccentric, in astronomy, a type of deferent, a circle or sphere used in obsolete astronomical systems to carry a planet around the Earth or Sun
  • Eccentric position of a surveying tripod to be able to measure hidden points
  • Eccentric Training

Other articles related to "eccentricity":

Struve 1341 - Planetary System
... It has an eccentricity of 0.9336, comparable to that of Comet Halley in the Solar System ... The eccentricity may be a result of the Kozai mechanism, which would occur if the planet's orbit is significantly inclined to that of the binary stars ... system Companion Mass Semimajor axis Orbital period Eccentricity Inclination Radius b 4.0 ± 0.3 MJ 0.453 ± 0.015 111.436 ± 0.003 0.9336 ± 0.0002 — 0.987 ± 0.061 RJ ...
Angular Eccentricity
... The angular eccentricity is one of many parameters which arise in the study of the ellipse or ellipsoid ... It may be defined in terms of the eccentricity, e, or the aspect ratio, b/a (the ratio of the semi-minor axis and the semi-major axis) Angular eccentricity is not currently used in ... of the ellipse may be expressed in terms of the angular eccentricity ...
Comet Lulin - Orbit
... The comet had an epoch 2009 eccentricity of 0.999986, and has an epoch 2010 eccentricity of 0.999998 ... Given the extreme orbital eccentricity of this object, different epochs can generate quite different heliocentric unperturbed two-body best-fit solutions to the aphelion distance (maximum ... For objects at such high eccentricity, the Suns barycentric coordinates are more stable than heliocentric coordinates ...
Conic Section - Cartesian Coordinates - Eccentricity in Terms of Parameters of The Quadratic Form
... When the conic section is written algebraically as the eccentricity can be written as a function of the parameters of the quadratic equation ... If 4AC = B2 the conic is a parabola and its eccentricity equals 1 (if it is non-degenerate) ... or a non-degenerate, non-imaginary ellipse, the eccentricity is given by where η = 1 if the determinant of the 3×3 matrix is negative and η = −1 if that determinant is positive ...

Famous quotes containing the word eccentricity:

    Eccentricity has always abounded when and where strength of character has abounded; and the amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigour, and moral courage which it contained.
    John Stuart Mill (1806–1873)