Eastern Side

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... is an old French seafaring term designating the side of the Caribbean islands which first meets the trade winds, i.e ... the eastern side of Caribbean islands ... term "Basse-Terre" (literally "Down Land") which designated the side of the Caribbean islands located downwind, i.e ...
South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands - Climate
... This gives the eastern side of South Georgia (leeward side) a more pleasant climate than the exposed western side ... During mountain wind conditions, the winds blow straight up the western side and straight down the eastern side of the mountains and become much warmer and drier this produces the most pleasant conditions when ... and 26.3 °C (79.3 °F) at nearby King Edward point, both on the sheltered East side of the Islands ...
Basse-Terre Island - Name
... prevailing winds blow from the northeast (see trade wind), thus the western side of the Caribbean islands, the leeward side (in French côte sous le vent), protected from the trade winds, was called the Basse-Terre ... distinction between a Basse-Terre (western side of an island) and a Cabesterre (eastern side of an island) was used in several Caribbean islands ... named Basseterre because it is located on the western side of the island of Saint Kitts ...
Paschim Vihar - Surroundings
... Academy in Paschim Vihar which has produced cricketers like Virat Kohli.On the eastern side lies Punjabi Bagh and Paschim Puri, on the Northern Side ... The postal code of Paschim Vihar on the East side of Outer Ring Road is 110063 and of that on the West side is 110087 (Sunder Vihar Post Office) ...

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