• (adv): Indicating high probability; in all likelihood.
    Example: "A mistake that could easily have ended in disaster"
    Synonyms: well
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Some articles on easily:

Beagles - Temperament
... may initially be standoffish with strangers, they are easily won over ... obedient, but can be difficult to recall once they have picked up a scent, and are easily distracted by smells around them ... while they are alert, respond well to food-reward training, and are eager to please, they are easily bored or distracted ...
Celtis Occidentalis
... The Common Hackberry is easily distinguished from elms and some other hackberries by its cork-like bark with wart-like protuberances ... The Common Hackberry is easily confused with the sugarberry (Celtis laevigata) and is most easily distinguished by range and habitat ...
Landmate - Hazards
... the Landmate's stability and can threaten to easily topple it ... Also, the hips of the machine can be easily dislocated, and untrained running is the primary cause of such accidents ... the user's legs pass through the Landmate's hips, a severe dislocation could easily break their bones or sever their legs entirely, so great care must be taken ...
Chaos League - Player Positions
... Lineman - Physical players, injures Quarterback more easily ... - Fast runners and good at catching the ball, can make a feint against a Running back more easily ... Linebacker - Offense force, injures a Bigfoot more easily ...
List Of Ranma ½ Characters - Other Native Chinese - Herb
... Herb possesses an irrational hatred towards female breasts, and he is easily distracted and enraged by the sight of them ... He believes himself to be a complete master of manipulating chi, though he is easily surprised by unknown attacks ... a limited number of throwing knives, but is easily distracted ...

More definitions of "easily":

  • (adv): Without question.
    Example: "Easily the best book she's written"
  • (adv): With ease ('easy' is sometimes used informally for 'easily').
    Example: "She was easily excited"; "was easily confused"; "he won easily"; "this china breaks very easily"
    Synonyms: easy

Famous quotes containing the word easily:

    The eating of a MacDonald’s meal is like the reading of Reader’s Digest—small, easily digested, carefully processed, carefully cut down, abridged. Reader’s Digest gives us knowledge that is easily compartmentalized, simplified, ideologically sound.
    Clive Bloom, British educator. “MacDonald’s Man Meets Reader’s Digest,” Readings in Popular Culture: Trivial Pursuits?, St. Martin’s Press (1990)

    A critic, after a life devoted to spoiling the pleasure of others, was astonished to find himself in eternal hellfire. “Judge not, lest ye be Judged,” giggled a passing fiend, and all Hades rocked with laughter at this wit. Moral: When you have all Eternity to get through, it is a blessing to be among those who are easily amused.
    Stan Washburn (b. 1943)

    ... goodness is of a modest nature, easily discouraged, and when much elbowed in early life by unabashed vices, is apt to retire into extreme privacy, so that it is more easily believed in by those who construct a selfish old gentleman theoretically, than by those who form the narrower judgments based on his personal acquaintance.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)