Bavarian is the adjective form of the German state of Bavaria, and refers to people of ancestry from Bavaria. Bavarian may also refer to:

  • Bavarii, Bajuwari, Baiwaren, Bajuwaren tribe of Bavaria, The first part "baio" refers to the name of the Celtic Boii tribe,
  • Austro-Bavarian, a group of closely related dialects of German, spoken in parts of Bavaria, most of Austria and the Alto Adige/Südtirol
  • Bavarian cream, a custard sauce

Other articles related to "bavarian":

Christoforos Nezer (Bavarian)
... Χριστόφορος Νέζερ, German Christoph Neser, 1808-1883) was a Bavarian officer who settled in Greece ... On 1 April, together with the Bavarian Major Paligan, he received the keys of the Acropolis from its last Ottoman commandant, Osman Efendi ...
List Of Preserved Steam Locomotives In Germany - Locomotives That Can Be Grouped Into The Classification Scheme - Class 89 - Class 89.8
... The R 3/3 of the Royal Bavarian State Railways were goods train tank engines with three coupled axles and no carrying axles. 7851 DB AG Deutsches Museum, Koblenz Bavarian R 3/3, ex-K.Bay.Sts.B ... damaged in the major fire on 17 October 2005 No 1921 ... Krauss-Maffei 7917 Bavarian Railway Museum (BEM) BEM, Nördlingen Bavarian R 3/3, ex-K.Bay.Sts.B ...
LAG Nos. 9 And 10
... These locomotives were supplied by Krauss and were similar to the Bavarian D VII (Bayerische D VII) engines, but they had smaller coupled wheels and a larger heating and grate area ... In 1908 the Royal Bavarian State Railways (Königlich Bayerische Staatsbahn) purchased the line and the two locomotives with it ... They were operated as the Bavarian Class PtL 3/3 and were given the numbers 1875 and 1876 ...
Constantine Levidis - Life in Greece
... During his minority, Bavarian advisors were arrayed in a council of regency headed by Count Josef Ludwig von Armansperg ... During the regency of the Bavarian council, Levidis was Councillor of the Finances ... writing in that journal, Levidis he mainly criticised to the outmost the Bavarian rule, first under the regency of Count Josef Ludwig von Armansperg and then uder Otto himself ...