Vapour Pressure

  • (noun): The pressure exerted by a vapor; often understood to mean saturated vapor pressure (the vapor pressure of a vapor in contact with its liquid form).
    Synonyms: vapor pressure

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Aerosol Science - Physics - Dynamics - Partitioning
... from the condensation of a gaseous precursor, specifically a vapour ... In order for the vapour to condense, it must be supersaturated i.e ... its partial pressure must be greater than its vapour pressure ...
Kelvin Equation
... The Kelvin equation describes the change in vapour pressure due to a curved liquid/vapor interface (meniscus) with radius (for example, in a capillary or over a droplet) ... The Kelvin equation may be written in the form where is the actual vapour pressure, is the saturated vapour pressure, is the surface tension, is the ... Equilibrium vapor pressure depends on droplet size ...
Vacume - Uses - Outgassing
... All materials, solid or liquid, have a small vapour pressure, and their outgassing becomes important when the vacuum pressure falls below this vapour pressure ... vacuum systems are usually baked, preferably under vacuum, to temporarily raise the vapour pressure of all outgassing materials and boil them off ... the system may be cooled to lower vapour pressures and minimize residual outgassing during actual operation ...
Hydrochloric Acid - Physical Properties
... Density Molarity pH Viscosity Specific heat Vapour pressure Boiling point Melting point kg HCl/kg kg HCl/m3 Baumé kg/L mol/dm3 mPa·s kJ/(kg·K) kPa °C °C 10% 104.80 6.6 1.048 2.87 −0.5 1.16 3.47 ... Vapour pressure values are taken from the International Critical Tables, and refer to the total vapour pressure of the solution ...
Vacuum Pump - Techniques
... be carefully evaluated for their outgassing and vapor pressure properties ... Then a sorption pump would be used to bring the pressure down to 10−4 Torr (10 mPa) ... A cryopump or turbomolecular pump would be used to bring the pressure further down to 10−8 Torr (1 µPa) ...

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