Dynamic Pressure

In incompressible fluid dynamics dynamic pressure (indicated with q, or Q, and sometimes called velocity pressure) is the quantity defined by:

where (using SI units):

= dynamic pressure in pascals,
= fluid density in kg/m3 (e.g. density of air),
= fluid velocity in m/s.

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... EAS) is the airspeed at sea level in the International Standard Atmosphere at which the dynamic pressure is the same as the dynamic pressure at the true airspeed (TAS ... EAS is a function of dynamic pressure ... is dynamic pressure ...
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... Many authors define dynamic pressure only for incompressible flows ... For compressible flows, these authors use the concept of impact pressure.) However, some British authors extend their definition of dynamic pressure to include ... By applying the ideal gas law the definition of speed of sound and of Mach number and dynamic pressure can be rewritten as where (using SI units) = static pressure in Pascals ...
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