• (adj): Given freely especially to a cause or fund.
    Example: "The donated van made their meal-on-wheels venture possible"

Some articles on donated:

Charles Hayden (banker) - Philanthropy
... During the First World War, he donated US$100,000 per year to the American Red Cross ... helping youth and in 1926 was revealed to have anonymously donated US$100,000 to establish an uptown New York City branch of the Boys Club ... In addition to youth, Hayden routinely donated to aid the poor ...
Lebanese Air Force - History
... Soon after its establishment, a number of planes were donated by the British, French, and Italian governments, with additional planes donated by Britain and Italy ... Britain donated 4 Percival Prentices and 2 World War II-era Percival Proctors, while Italy donated 4 Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 bombers which were mainly used for transportation ...
Saudi Foreign Assistance - Regions - South Asia
... private donation by King Fahd (Saudis in total, including citizens, donated more than $80 million) ... In the aftermath of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, Saudi Arabia donated over US$3.3 million, more than any other country, and promised an additional $573 million, also the maximum ... In the aftermath of the 2010 Pakistan floods, Saudi Arabia has donated more than US $361.99 million for the relief operation, topping the list of all donating countries ...
Leonardo Farkas - Philanthropy
... Farkas donated hundreds of millions of pesos, and in 2008, donated 1 billion pesos (US$2 million approx.), becoming the first individual to donate such amount of ... in CopiapĆ³, Chile of the trapped miners, Farkas donated a $10,000 check for each of the 33 rescued men ...
The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints In California - Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid
... earthquakes, fires, and floods, members in California has donated countless hours of service, helping communities to recover ... In 1997, members in San Diego donated some 40-50 tons of food to eight community agencies for the homeless and needy ... completed and added to a $650,000 shipment of medical supplies and blankets donated by the Church ...

Famous quotes containing the word donated:

    Hard times accounted in large part for the fact that the exposition was a financial disappointment in its first year, but Sally Rand and her fan dancers accomplished what applied science had failed to do, and the exposition closed in 1934 with a net profit, which was donated to participating cultural institutions, excluding Sally Rand.
    —For the State of Illinois, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)