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Lucilia Thatuna - Location
... Specimen collections have been few and sporadic over a ten-year period ... Six specimens have been located on Mt ... Moscow, two specimens on Lake Waha, three specimens in Latah County, and two specimens on Craig Mountain, Nez Perce County all found in Idaho (Hall 1948) ...
Australodelphis - Specimens
... This prevented the use of acetic acid requiring the use of mechanical methods for specimen preparation ... The other four specimens consist of one partial rostrum a partial skull consisting of the right side the rear section of a skull including basicranium and a partial skull ...
Luvarus Necopinatus
... The first specimens were found from the Danata Formation Lagerstätten, of the Thanetian to Ypresian epochs of Turkmenistan ... A later reexamination of the fossil specimens lead researchers to reappraise Proluvarus as a junior synonym, as well as determine that specimens of what were originally thought ...
Stepanavan Dendropark
... ornamental plantings with avenues of Lime (Tilia cordata), and wild sourced specimens of Juglans, Malus, Populus and Pyrus ... Most specimens were acquired from other botanic gardens as part of an international exchange programmes with the Botanic Garden in Tbilisi, (Georgia), Kiev (Ukraine), Nikitski, (Crimea, Ukraine), Leningrad and Moscow ... Specimens were also obtained further afield from Germany, France, Portugal, China and the U.S.A ...
... The specimens were found in rocks around 70 million years old dating from the Late Cretaceous of the Mesozoic Era ... Coelosimilia is known from several specimens collected from carbonate Maastrichtian deposits located in the modern-day country of Poland ... Polish locations known to have produced specimens of the taxon include chalk-pits and quarries in Nasiłów, Lubycza Królewska and Mielnik ...

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    A tattered copy of Johnson’s large Dictionary was a great delight to me, on account of the specimens of English versifications which I found in the Introduction. I learned them as if they were so many poems. I used to keep this old volume close to my pillow; and I amused myself when I awoke in the morning by reciting its jingling contrasts of iambic and trochaic and dactylic metre, and thinking what a charming occupation it must be to “make up” verses.
    Lucy Larcom (1824–1893)

    If we view our children as stupid, naughty, disturbed, or guilty of their misdeeds, they will learn to behold themselves as foolish, faulty, or shameful specimens of humanity. They will regard us as judges from whom they wish to hide, and they will interpret everything we say as further proof of their unworthiness. If we view them as innocent, or at least merely ignorant, they will gain understanding from their experiences, and they will continue to regard us as wise partners.
    Polly Berrien Berends (20th century)

    Just specimens is all New Hampshire has,
    One each of everything as in a show-case
    Which naturally she doesn’t care to sell.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)