DNP is a three-letter abbreviation which can stand for:

  • 2,4-Dinitrophenol, a small organic molecule formerly marketed as a pharmaceutical "diet aid"
  • 2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine, Brady's reagent, used in organic chemical analysis
  • Dai Nippon Printing, the world's largest printing company, based in Japan
  • Deutsche Nationalpartei, a former German political party in Czechoslovakia
  • Denali National Park, in interior Alaska
  • Der Neue Pauly, a more compact edition of Realencyclop├Ądie der Classischen Altertumswissenschaft (Pauly-Wissowa)
  • "Did Not Play" a notation used in sports in a box score or a roster listing
  • Distance to neutral point, a quantity which is important when considering thermal expansion mismatch
  • Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3), a protocol used in SCADA systems between communicating RTU's and IED's
  • "Do Not Place", a term used in Printed circuit board design to denote the omitting of a component
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice, a practice doctorate in nursing, commonly replacing the dated ND (Nursing Doctorate)
  • "Duty Not Paid", in the context of cigarette smuggling
  • Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation, a technique used in NMR spectroscopy
  • Do Not Post, an artist list on imageboards to prevent copyright infringement
  • Dengeki Novel Prize, a literary award by ASCII Media Works

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