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Perspective Distortion (photography)
... is a warping or transformation of an object and its surrounding area that differs significantly from what the object would look like with a normal focal length, due to the relative scale of nearby and distant ... is axial magnification -- the perceived depth of objects at a given magnification ... Object close to the lens appears abnormally large relative to more distant objects, and distant objects appear abnormally small and hence more distant – distances are extended ...
Detached Object - Classification
... Types of distant minor planets Cis-Neptunian objects Centaurs Neptune trojans Trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs)‡ Kuiper belt objects (KBOs) Classical KBOs (Cubewanos ... Detached objects generally have a perihelion distance greater than 40 AU, deterring strong interactions with Neptune, which has an approximately ... The discovery of 90377 Sedna together with a few other objects such as 2000 CR105 and 2004 XR190 (also known as "Buffy") has motivated discussion of a category of distant objects that may also be inner ...
Refractive Error - Classification
... eye that has no refractive error when viewing distant objects is said to have emmetropia or be emmetropic meaning the eye is in a state in which it can focus parallel rays of light (light ... A distant object in this case is defined as an object 6 meters or further away from the eye ... proves to be an evolutionary advantage by automatically focusing the eye on objects in the distance because it allows an individual to be alert in, say, a ...
Comoving Distance and Proper Distance - Uses of The Proper Distance
... locally measured distance in the comoving frame for nearby objects ... To measure the proper distance between two distant objects, one imagines that one has many comoving observers in a straight line between the two objects, so that all of the observers are close to each other, and ... of c in this sense the total velocity of any object can be expressed as the sum where is the recession velocity due to the expansion of the universe (the velocity given by Hubble's law) and is the "pecul ...

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