Digital Broadcasting

Digital broadcasting is the practice of using digital data rather than analogue waveforms to carry broadcasts over television channels or assigned radio frequency bands. It is becoming increasingly popular for television usage (especially satellite television) but is having a slower adoption rate for radio.

Digital links, thanks to the use of data compression, generally have more efficient bandwidth usage than analog links, which allows a content provider more room to provide services, or to provide a higher-quality signal than had been previously available.

It is estimated that the share of digital broadcasting increased from 7% of the total amount of broadcasted information in 2000, to 25% in 2007.

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24/09/2009 The first digital broadcasting of Digea consisting of television stations Alpha TV, Alter Channel, ANT1, Makedonia TV, Mega Channel, Skai TV and Star Channel was carried out in. 14/01/2010 The digital broadcasting began in Thessaloniki - Central Macedonia from the transmitting sites of Chortiatis and Philippion. 18/06/2011 The digital broadcasting began in Athens - Attica from the transmitting sites of Hymettus and Aegina ...
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... NB For more information on the premise of digital broadcasting refer to the 2002 edition of the World Radio TV Handbook ... Digital broadcasting has been helped greatly thanks to the presence of computers ... of the integrated circuit in the 1960s and the microprocessor in the 1970s, digital broadcasting seems to have taken a footing in the global village that is broadcasting ...
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    We spend all day broadcasting on the radio and TV telling people back home what’s happening here. And we learn what’s happening here by spending all day monitoring the radio and TV broadcasts from back home.
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