Difficulty may refer to:

  • a problem
  • the difficulty level in a video game
  • Countermajoritarian difficulty
  • Hill Difficulty, in Pilgrim's Progress

Other articles related to "difficulty":

Course (orienteering) - Course Types and Lengths
... Courses can have varying degrees of difficulty, both technical and physical ... Technical difficulty is determined primarily by the terrain and the navigational problems of crossing that terrain to locate the feature on which the control is placed ... Linear features such as fences, walls, and paths generally offer low difficulty natural features such as forest or open moor can offer high difficulty ...
Luxor 3 - Gameplay Modes - Adventure - Difficulty
... difficulties for the adventure mode games, and difficulty can also be selected for each free play and puzzle level after selecting which level to play from those menus ... hard, but once a player has beaten adventure mode once, they may also choose insane as a difficulty level ...
SAT Subject Test In Chemistry - Difficulty
... While the test is challenging, there are distinctions between the SAT Chemistry Test and the AP Chemistry exam, which is a more critical-thinking exam that is used not for college admissions but rather for college placement ... Still, an AP course in Chemistry should be sufficient prep for a good score on the Chemistry SAT ...
List Of Guitar Freaks And Drum Mania Songs - Notable Songs - GuitarFreaks 6th Mix & DrumMania 5th Mix
... Sketchbook) Another song by Hirofumi Sasaki, it boasts a 67 Basic difficulty, which is the hardest song on Basic behind Rock to infinity, and a 97 ... It barely reaches The Least 100 Seconds' and Day Dream's 99 difficulty ratings ...

Famous quotes containing the word difficulty:

    In spite of all their kind some elements of worth
    With difficulty persist here and there on earth.
    Hugh MacDiarmid (1892–1978)

    ... the only way in which Mr. Brooke could be coerced into thinking of the right arguments at the right time was to be well plied with them till they took up all the room in his brain. But here there was the difficulty of finding room, so many things having been taken in beforehand. Mr. Brooke himself observed that his ideas stood rather in his way when he was speaking.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)

    So he with difficulty and labour hard
    Moved on, with difficulty and labour he;
    But he once passed, soon after when man fell,
    Strange alteration! Sin and Death amain
    Following his track, such was the will of Heaven,
    Paved after him a broad and beaten way
    Over the dark abyss, whose boiling gulf
    Tamely endured a bridge of wondrous length
    From hell continued reaching th’ utmost orb
    Of this frail world;
    John Milton (1608–1674)