Di-Gata Defenders - Creation


In 2005, Nelvana Entertainment created a project called the Funpack. It was designed to allow creators to pitch and create 5 minute interstitials. At the time, Greg Collinson didn't plan on pitching anything for this project until a colleague of his discussed about it on a trainride. He spent two weeks creating the "bible" for his series idea, which was initially named Power Stone Warriors. In this bible, he planned out the prototype characters, factions, and the universe the series would take place in. He later meets with the executives at Nelvana and Greg pitches his bible to them. Pleased with the promise this series had, Greg Collinson was given the greenlight to produce this series with help from Ken Cuperus, a script writer. The series then launched September 16, 2006 under its new name - Di-Gata Defenders.

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