In Hindu mythology, Devapi (Sanskrit: देवापि, Devāpi) or Devāpi Arṣṭiṣeṇa is an immortal sage. According to the Nirukta (ii.10), the Brihaddevata, the Mahabharata and the Puranas, he was a Kuru prince and the eldest son of King Pratipa of Hastinapura. He was a noble and well-liked prince but he was not allowed to succeed Pratipa, because he was affected with leprosy and the council of Brahmins and elderly citizens were opposed to this proposal. As a result of this, his younger brother Shantanu succeeded Pratipa as the king of Hastinapura. Later Devapi retired to the forest for penance. According to the Matsya Purana and the Bhagavata Purana, he along with sage Maru will remain alive till the end of the present Kaliyuga at a place called Kalapagrama and will revive the Paurava dynasty in the next Kritayuga.

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... Unto him, were born three sons, Of them, Devapi was the eldest, Vahlika the next and Santanu of great intelligence, who was my grandfather, was the youngest ... Devapi, endued with great energy, was virtuous, truthful in speech, and ever engaged in waiting upon his father ... good, and dearly loved by the young and the old, Devapi was liberal firmly adhering to truth, engaged in the good of all creatures, and obedient to the ...
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... In Vedic literature, Devapi is always mentioned as Devāpi Arṣṭiṣeṇa, though the later texts, the Mahabharata and the Puranas mention Devāpi and Arṣṭiṣeṇa ... Pargiter (1852-1927) argues that it means Devapi was son of king Ṛṣṭiṣeṇa, and so both Shantanu and Devapi were actually grandsons of Pratipa, but other modern scholars ... Misra believe, that, Devapi after becoming a brahmana, entered Ṛṣṭiṣeṇa gotra ...