Delay Boxes

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Delay Box - Controversial Use
... Delay box use was very controversial in the 1980s and 1990s, with the peak of controversy occurring around 1993-1994 ... Delay box use became controversial because experienced racers lost some advantage they had enjoyed over the younger, less experienced rivals ... Veteran racers who were against the use of delay boxes complained to race track owners and drag racing sanctioning bodies that the delay boxes were unfair ...
Delay Box - Regulation
... Hot Rod Association (NHRA) required delay box manufacturers to make the delay boxes harder to modify by end users, and shrink enclosures so there was no room for additional contents ... Sealing the delay box enclosure so it would be easy to see if it was tampered with was also part of the process ... interconnects could attach to the wire between the delay box and the transmission ...
Delay Box - History
... Delay boxes began appearing in drag race cars in the 1980s ... Such drag racing delay timers are very crude by today's standards ... (currently DBA as Digital Delay, INC.) Ike Hamma is deceased ...

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