Decoration may refer to:

  • Decorative arts
  • the craft of a house painter and decorator
  • An object or act intended to increase beauty of a person, room, etc.
  • An object, such as a medal or an order, that is awarded to honor the recipient: see List of prizes, medals, and awards
  • Cake decorating, the art of making a usually ordinary cake visually interesting
  • USB decoration, a decorative device that uses the Universal Serial Bus connector
  • Christmas decoration, decorations used at Christmas time
  • In-glaze decoration, a method of decorating ceramics - decoration applied before firing
  • On-glaze decoration, a method of decorating ceramics - decoration applied after glazing
  • In-mould decoration, a method of decorating moulded plastics
  • Interior design, the internal finishing of a building
  • Name decoration, a technique used in most programming languages
  • Window decoration, in computing are the window's visual elements drawn by a window manager
  • Web decoration, conspicuous silk structure in the webs of some spiders

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County Hall, Wakefield - Decoration
... The interior decoration is largely by Henry Charles Fehr ... It is a library of symbolism, for which Fehr was justly famous ...
Médaille De La Famille Française - History
... The decoration was created by a decree of May 26, 1920, under the name Médaille d'honneur de la famille française (Medal of Honour of the French Family ... completely reformed by a decree of October 28, 1982, which renamed the decoration Médaille de la Famille française (Medal of the French Family) ... The reform opened the award of the decoration to fathers or anyone else who had raised several children in an appropriate way for example, the Catholic priest Père Mayotte, curate of the parish of Randan, Puy-de ...
Le Van Thiem - Public Recognition
... Awards The 3rd degree Nation Liberation Decoration The 2nd degree Labor Decoration The 1st degree Independence Decoration Hồ Chí Minh Award A scholarship for Young Vietnamese Mathematics Talents was ...

Famous quotes containing the word decoration:

    If there be any man who thinks the ruin of a race of men a small matter, compared with the last decoration and completions of his own comfort,—who would not so much as part with his ice- cream, to save them from rapine and manacles, I think I must not hesitate to satisfy that man that also his cream and vanilla are safer and cheaper by placing the negro nation on a fair footing than by robbing them.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The question mark is alright when it is all alone when it
    is used as a brand on cattle or when it could be used
    in decoration but connected with writing it is
    completely entirely completely uninteresting.... A
    question is a question, anybody can know that a
    question is a question and so why add to it the
    question mark when it is already there when the
    question is already there in the writing.
    Gertrude Stein (1874–1946)