Lyric may refer to:

  • Lyric poetry is a form of poetry that expresses a subjective, personal point of view
  • Lyric, from the Greek language, a song sung with a lyre
  • Lyrics, the composition in verse which is sung to a melody to constitute a song
  • Lyric describes, in the classification of the human voice in European classical music, a specific vocal weight and a range at the upper end of the given voice part
  • Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Lyric Opera of Chicago, one of the leading opera companies in the United States
  • Lyric Theatre, London, a West End theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue in the City of Westminster
  • RTÉ lyric fm, a Raidió Teilifís Éireann radio station
  • "Lyric" (song), a single released in June 2003 by the "indie supergroup" Zwan

Other articles related to "lyric":

Lyric Symphony (Zemlinsky)
... The Lyric Symphony op.18 was composed by Alexander Zemlinsky between 1922 and 1923 and received its premiere in Prague on June 1924 ... under the composer's direction ... my heart") Alban Berg quoted the third movement in his Lyric Suite for string quartet ...
Lyric Soprano
... A lyric soprano is a type of operatic soprano that has a warm quality with a bright, full timbre which can be heard over an orchestra ... The lyric soprano voice generally has a higher tessitura than a soubrette and usually plays ingenues and other sympathetic characters in opera ... Lyric sopranos have a range from approximately middle C (C4) to "high D" (D6) ...
Long Poem - Subgenres - Lyric Sequence
... A lyric sequence is a sub-genre of the long poem ... A lyric sequence is a collection of shorter lyric poems that interact to create a coherent, larger meaning ... The lyric sequence often includes poems unified by a theme ...
Long Poem - Subgenres - Lyric Series
... The lyric series is a genre of poetry in which the seriality of short (but connective) lyric poems enhances the long poem's meaning ... Each lyric poem is distinct and has meaning in itself, yet it functions as an integral part of the series, giving it a greater meaning as within the long poem as well ... and Ian Laurie examine the work of Oton de Grandson in the lyric series, or "ballad series" form ...

Famous quotes containing the word lyric:

    The lyric deals with love and sorrow, the aphorism with contradiction and deceit.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    O lyric Love, half angel and half bird
    And all a wonder and a wild desire.
    Robert Browning (1812–1889)

    There exists a kind of laughter which is worthy to be ranked with the higher lyric emotions and is infinitely different from the twitchings of a mean merrymaker.
    Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol (1809–1852)