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Q (New York City Subway Service) - "Q" Designation History
... Q was introduced as a service identifier for the Brighton Beach Express via Broadway (Manhattan) on the rollsigns of the R27 class of subway cars as they were delivered ... The former designation for the service was the number 1, itself introduced in 1924, a designation shared by all Brighton Line mainline services ... Also with the introduction of the R27 class subway cars, the mainline local services on the Brighton Line (and other BMT services) were given double ...
4th Regiment West Virginia Cavalry - Service
... The 4th West Virginia Cavalry was enlisted in Parkersburg and Wheeling in western Virginia between July and August 1863 for one year's service ... January 30, 1864, Engagement at Moorefield The regiment was mustered out on June 23, 1864 ...
List Of Canada–United States Border Crossings - Road Crossings - New Brunswick–Maine
... Clair Route 205 Fort Kent US 24 ... hour service year round Clair – Fort Kent Bridge 47°14′57.3″N 68°36′13.6″W / 47.24925°N 68.603778°W / 47.24925 -68.603778 Edmundston Route 120 Madawaska ... Canadian port of entry open with daytime service mid-April to mid-October. 67.789625°W / 46.8233917 -67.789625 Perth-Andover Route 190 Fort Fairfield SR 24 ... hour service year round 46°45′55.18″N 67°47′21.84″W / 46.7653278°N 67.7894°W ...
Q (New York City Subway Service)
... The Q Broadway Express is a service of the New York City Subway ... sign, on station signs and the official subway map, as it represents a service provided on the BMT Broadway Line through Manhattan ... The Q service operates at all times ...
List Of Canada–United States Border Crossings - Road Crossings - Quebec–Maine
... Woburn Route 161 Coburn Gore SR 24 ... hour service year round 45°22′43.01″N 70°48′28.96″W / 45.3786139°N 70.8080444°W / 45.3786139 -70.8080444 Armstrong Route 173 Jackman SR 6 24 ... Daytime service year round (600 am–800 pm / Monday–Thursday 600 am–200 pm / Friday) 46°05′34.29″N 70°17′25.68″W / 46.0928583°N 70.2904667°W / 46.0928583 -70.2904667 Sainte-Aurélie ... Aurelie Baker Lake Road Canadian port of entry daytime service year round (900 am–500 pm / Monday–Friday) ...

Famous quotes containing the words year, daytime and/or service:

    They tapped at my eyelids and touched my lips with an invitation to grief.
    But it was no reason I had to go because they had to go.
    Now up, my knee, to keep on top of another year of snow.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    This was your place of birth, this daytime palace,
    This miracle of glass....
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    Mr. Speaker, at a time when the nation is again confronted with necessity for calling its young men into service in the interests of National Security, I cannot see the wisdom of denying our young women the opportunity to serve their country.
    Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908–1973)