Crime in India - Crimes Against Foreigners in India

Crimes Against Foreigners in India

There are some instances of violent crime against foreigners in India. Scams involving export of jewels occur in India, which target foreign citizens. Traveling alone in remote areas after dark is of particular risk to foreigners.

Because the American, Canadian and British citizens' purchasing power is relatively large compared to the general Indian population, they are the preferred target for robbery and other serious crime.

In April 1999, Swaraj Damree, a tourist from Mauritius was befriended by a group of Indians who later held him in 25 days of captivity. They robbed him of cash amounting to US $1,500, took his travellers' cheques, wrist watch, gold chain, bracelet, two bags and suitcase. In 2000, two German trekkers were shot in Himachal Pradesh. A few weeks later, two Spanish tourists were killed in Himachal Pradesh by robbers. Many foreign tourists are victims of violent crime in Kolkata. In September 2006, criminals robbed the wallet of a British woman in Kolkata. The same month, a Japanese tourist was robbed on his way to Sudder Street. In October 2006, a foreigner was robbed in daylight on Park Street.

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Crime In India - Crimes Against Foreigners in India - Murder and Manslaughter
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