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The CreateDebate platform provides a structure that lets people see what the most convincing arguments are within each debate, and which side of a debate has the most popular support. People can create two kinds of debates and argue any topic they are passionate about. The CreateDebate community then votes the arguments "up" or "down". Over time, the most convincing arguments rise to the top of the debate, which distills out the central points and most relevant factors. CreateDebate categorizes debates into various topics including: Politics, Technology, Shopping, Religion, Travel, Science, World, Sports, Business, and Comedy, although users can create debates about any topic they are interested in. The creator of the debate, or the Debate Moderator, chooses the title, information, category, and end date of the debate, and has the power to ban users from the debate.

CreateDebate is a social network designed to help groups of people sort through issues, viewpoints, and opinions in an organized manner, so that better decisions can be made. Each user has a user profile, which automatically builds itself over time. "Allies", "Enemies" and "Hostile" relationships are tracked and a news feed provides personalized updates. Debate and arguments activity is also automatically tracked so its easy to find new content. A points system keeps tabs on participation to allow users to identify the top debaters in a number of categories. The research feature allows people to pipe RSS content from the web into any debate.

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