Court Lady

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Emperor Go-Toba - Genealogy - Consorts and Children
... mother of Emperor Juntoku (Shunkamon-in, 春華門院) Court lady Empress Dowager Shomeimon-in (承明門院) Minamoto no Zaishi/Ariko (源在子) (1171–1257 ...
Emperor Temmu - Wives and Children
... Prince Niitabe (新田部皇子) (?–735) Court lady Nukata no Ōkimi (額田王) Princess Tōchi (十市皇女) (648?–678), married to Emperor Kōbun Court lady Munakata no Amako-no-iratsume ...

Famous quotes containing the words lady and/or court:

    Thou wrong’st a gentleman, who is as far
    From thy report as thou from honor, and
    Solicits here a lady that disdains
    Thee and the devil alike.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    If a walker is indeed an individualist there is nowhere he can’t go at dawn and not many places he can’t go at noon. But just as it demeans life to live alongside a great river you can no longer swim in or drink from, to be crowded into safer areas and hours takes much of the gloss off walking—one sport you shouldn’t have to reserve a time and a court for.
    Edward Hoagland (b. 1932)