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Local Government (Scotland) Act 1929 - Abolition of Parish Councils
... The parish councils that had been introduced by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1894 were dissolved ... regarding poor law passed to the county council, other powers passing to the new district councils ...
Ancient Diocese Of Arles - Councils
... The first Council of Arles was held in 314, for the purpose of putting an end to the Donatist controversy ... It confirmed the findings of the Council of Rome (313), i.e ... A council held in 353, and attended, among others, by two papal legates, was decidedly Arian in attitude ...
Center For Media Freedom And Responsibility - Program of Activities - Press Councils
... the press, academe, and non-governmental organizations to plan, build, and launch local press councils since 2001 ... date, it has helped establish the Cebu Citizens-Press Council and regional press councils in Baguio and Palawan ...
Government Of Baghdad - Political Entities - Neighborhood Council
... Neighborhood councils are the closest elected officials to the people ... The councils are similar to representatives of a city ward ... Like kati’ councils, neighborhood councils are often incorrectly called neighborhood advisory councils ...
Romanian Local Election, 2008 - Notable Partial Election
... The members of the Local Councils and County Councils are replaced by the next person on the list elected ... For the Mayors and Presidents of the County Councils, elected on a two-round system, and first past the post respectively, no later than 90 days from the vacancy of the post the Government must announce the day the ... The newly elected Mayors and Presidents of the County Councils serve the rest of the term ...

Famous quotes containing the word councils:

    Surrealism ... is the forbidden flame of the proletariat embracing the insurrectional dawn—enabling us to rediscover at last the revolutionary moment: the radiance of the workers’ councils as a life profoundly adored by those we love.
    —“Manifesto of the Arab Surrealist Movement” (1975)

    Don’t you see what my power does for me? I could sit in on the councils of kings and dictators. It makes me king. It makes me—Nemesis.
    Lester Cole (1904–1985)

    In bridge clubs and in councils of state, the passions are the same.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)