Correspondence Chess

Correspondence chess is chess played by various forms of long-distance correspondence, usually through a correspondence chess server, through email or by the postal system; less common methods which have been employed include fax and homing pigeon. It is in contrast to over-the-board (OTB) chess, where the players sit at a chessboard at the same time (or perhaps play at the same time remotely).

Correspondence chess allows people or clubs who are geographically distant to play one another without meeting in person. These distant relationships are just one of the many distinct appeals of correspondence chess. The length of a game played by correspondence can vary depending on the method used to transmit the moves: a game played via server or by email might last no more than a few days, weeks, or months, but a game played by post between players in different countries might last several years.

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Over-the-board Players Who Also Play Correspondence Chess
... Although nowadays the strongest correspondence players are specialists, a number of notable players in over-the-board (OTB) chess have in the past played ... Purdy Mikhail Umansky Ivar Bern Gert Jan Timmerman Correspondence Grandmaster Ulf Andersson Igor Bondarevsky Aivars Gipslis Curt Hansen Jonny Hector Jānis Klov ... OTB GM who has recently taken up email chess ...
ICCF U.S.A. - History
... The Correspondence Chess League of America (CCLA) was the first American chess club to become an ICCF affiliate ... number of Canadians in CCLA diminished after the Canadian Chess Association took over the Canadian Correspondence Chess Championship ... the invitation of the International Correspondence Chess Association (ICCA) to become a member in 1946 ...
Hans Berliner - Life and Career - Correspondence Play
... Berliner is remembered most for his feats in correspondence play, most notably his victory in the 5th World Correspondence Chess Championship in 1965 ... to defeat Yakov Estrin in the 1965 World Correspondence Chess Championship is one of the most famous and important games in correspondence chess ... still had by far the highest International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) rating of any player in the United States, at 2726, 84 points above the second-highest rated player ...
Martin Lohse - Correspondence Chess
... Awarded the grandmaster title in the International Correspondence Chess Federation in 2009 ... Best result is a 3 ...
Chess In Azerbaijan - History of Chess in Azerbaijan - Correspondence Chess
... Correspondence chess competitions are held from the mid 1970s ... In 1976, a commission on correspondence game was established under the Chess Federation of Azerbaijan 4 championships were held in Azerbaijan (winners – L.Voloshin ... P.Atyeshev took the 1st place at the 2nd championship of thye USSR and in correspondence he became the champion of the 3rd Olympiad as a member of the USSR team ...

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