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Blockbusters (U.S. Game Show) - Gameplay - Gold Rush/Gold Run
... respond with Art Carney to be credited with a correct answer) ... A correct answer turned the hexagon gold and an incorrect answer or a pass turned the hexagon black and blocked the contestant's progress ... Contestants earned $100 per correct answer if they failed to make a connection, Cullen would go over any missed/passed questions, and another front game would commence ...
Pilipinas, Game KNB?/to Do - Game Formats - 2009: Teams Format
... composed of those from the past episode (those who failed to answer for the elimination) and replacement teams for those who got eliminated from the previous episode ... If a team answers correctly, he will move on for the 2nd round ... If the team answers incorrectly, they will be sent to the "Tambay (Standby) Podium" to wait for any chance of being sent back to the game stage ...
List Of Winners Of The Mathcounts Competition - Structure - Countdown Round
... The first person to buzz in with the correct answer gains a point ... The first six to ring in first with a correct answer advanced to the next sub-round, after which the first three to ring in with a correct answer advanced to the final round ... the problem will only be scored by the first participant to correctly answer it, and therefore it is essential for participants to work quickly ...
Milionerzy - Records and Faux Pas
... It is rare to see all contestants get the correct order ... the audience unanimously voted on a single answer when asked for help via the Ask the Audience lifeline ... golden gramophone is given away at what awards ceremony?" The correct answer was "Grammy." The furthest a player has ever gone without using a lifeline was 125,000 złoty ...
The Identik-Hit Quiz
... driven was played without any deviation in noise for junctions or distractions - hence the correct answer of Road To Nowhere by Talking Heads or when effects of a heartbeat and a door opening were played in unison ... Mrs Day just thought the answer was the Blue Danube, and Mayo patiently explained to her on air that the competition was slightly more difficult than that ... The true correct answer turned out to be Batdance by Prince ...

Famous quotes containing the words answer and/or correct:

    With our splendid harbour, our beautifully situated city, our vast territories, all our varied and inexhaustible natural wealth, if we don’t convert our colony into a great and prosperous nation, it will be a miracle of error for which we shall have to answer as for a gigantic sin.
    Henry Parkes (1815–1896)

    In correct theology, the Virgin ought not to be represented in bed, for she could not suffer like ordinary women, but her palace at Chartres is not much troubled by theology, and to her, as empress-mother, the pain of child-birth was a pleasure which she wanted her people to share.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)