Control Voltage

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Minimoog - Design
... At its most basic, the Minimoog control panel can be broken up into 3 sections The signal generators (the 3 VCO's or Voltage-controlled oscillator and pink or white noise) The filter (the VCF or voltage-con ... wave 2 different width pulse waves The signals are routed through the Mixer to the VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter) where harmonic content can be modified and resonance added ... The filtered signal is then routed to the Voltage Controlled Amplifer (VCA), where its contour is shaped by a dedicated ADS (Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain) envelope generator ...
Modular Synthesizer - Types of Modules
... The basic modular functions are as signal, control, logic/timing ... Outputs are an electric voltage ... the same basic function will have different inputs, outputs and controls on various models ...

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    In Vietnam, some of us lost control of our lives. I want my life back. I almost feel like I’ve been missing in action for twenty-two years.
    Wanda Sparks, U.S. nurse. As quoted in the New York Times Magazine, p. 72 (November 7, 1993)